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We need each other.

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2x05 | 4x03

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As Daenerys Targaryen rose to her feet, her black hissed, pale smoke venting from its mouth and nostrils. The other two pulled away from her breasts and added their voices to the call, translucent wings unfolding and stirring the air, and for the first time in hundreds of years, the night came alive with the music of dragons.

» George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones  
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you know that only the good die young

I was okay until this POST CAME ALONG.

Why on Earth would you compile all this sadness?

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The Ponds being all domestic just makes you squee.
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4.02 The Lion & the Rose

↳ the only scene that matters

This is canon. Basically what happened.

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If you didn’t pay attention to Varys during the Purple Wedding you seriously missed out

MY FAVE. I think he captured everyone’s contempt of Joff and that pride for Tyrion’s witty comeback that avenged everyone. Team Spider!

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True love.
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*walks out with fabulous contempt*
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I am the Mockingjay.
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"My brother gave me that sword."
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next week on game of thrones

Well I’m excited? *squee*
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